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About Us


Our Mission: Tastea-Licious is committed to ensuring the most unforgettable Bubble Tea experience. By providing ‘Tastea-Licious’ Bubble Tea, quality service, a fun atmosphere, and innovative entertainment, everyone can truly enjoy the most remarkable Bubble Tea experience the way it should be.

TasTea-Licious imagined a world full of fun, exotic, and delicious flavored Bubble Tea’s.
Bring your ‘BUDS’ for a Tastea-Licious time.

Come enjoy ‘Tastea-Licious’ fresh Bubble Tea and your choice of refreshing flavors and fixings. The most amazing part of all…enjoying YOUR drink and choice of Boba & Jellies through an enormous fun Boba straw.

We are here to satisfy your Tastea-Licious needs and wants.
Come show your ‘Tastea-Licious’ creativity and enjoy the interactive entertainment!
It’s up to you how YOU want it.
Just remember… Don’t Leave your ‘BUD’s Hanging!!!